Social Communications and Networks, a perfect relationship

A kilo of food was the entrance to acceding at the fifth edition of Social Media Care, celebrated at the Museum of Design in Barcelona. The purpose of this initiative, organized by Victor Martin, consisted in interchange knowledge of the world of Social Media and Online Marketing according the kilos of food, whose destination was the social dining room “El Raval”. Continue reading


Glass ceiling

A glass ceiling is a metaphor used to represent an invisible barrier that limit women’s job advancement. It is imperative to know this term beforehand to find out why Democrat Hillary Clinton ended the election campaign at the Jacob K. Jarvits Convention Center. A building located on the west side of Manhattan with an area of 62,700m2, and characterized by being built entirely of glass.

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Bienvenidos a Master’s in Communication

En la tercera edición del Máster de Comunicación Especializada de la Universitat de Barcelona llevaremos a cabo Master’s in Communication, en el que hablaremos de temas científicos, culturales y sociales. El grupo de alumnos, que dará dinamismo al blog de manera semanal, este año ha resultado gozar de multitud de culturas de otros países como Uruguay, Colombia, Portugal, Alemania o China. Continue reading