How to write specialized texts and not overwhelm your audience


(Catalan below)

Tricks on technical writing for non specialized audience

“If you cannot explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” Albert Einstein

Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to understand specialized documents? For sure, we all have sometime! And we remember a number of these paperworks or we even have written some. Obscure writing? No way! When our target is non specialized audience we need to avoid dreadful technical writing and make it simple.

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Tricks to impress the audience in an oral presentation

(Spanish below) To confront yourself with an audience you don’t know can be a huge challenge. You have to control the nervousness, hit the right tone and finally articulate your speech so that it reaches the audience. All this requires good communication skills. Here we’ve collected some tricks for non verbal and verbal communication to optimize your oral presentation. Continue reading