Joseph Hilferty: “A good communicator knows how to listen and observe”

Joseph Hilferty, linguist and professor at the University of Barcelona, is not only an expert in language, cognition and communication, bus also in culture, being an American in Catalonia and therefore, obviously, an expert in American-Spanish-Catalan multiculturalism. Who else, but him, could answer this questions about culture and communication? Right.

So, enough talking. Enjoy the following interview!

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New technologies – new professions

social-media-managerHave you ever heard of the profession “social media manager”? We all know what social media are, since it’s been getting part of our life to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And we all have a notion of what a “manager” is. But the combination sounds strange. Well, here it is: a new profession, thanks to the development of the Internet. Good news, because graduates of communication science have an ideal profile, to fill in vacancies of social media management. Continue reading

How to write specialized texts and not overwhelm your audience


(Catalan below)

Tricks on technical writing for non specialized audience

“If you cannot explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” Albert Einstein

Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to understand specialized documents? For sure, we all have sometime! And we remember a number of these paperworks or we even have written some. Obscure writing? No way! When our target is non specialized audience we need to avoid dreadful technical writing and make it simple.

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