Social Communications and Networks, a perfect relationship

A kilo of food was the entrance to acceding at the fifth edition of Social Media Care, celebrated at the Museum of Design in Barcelona. The purpose of this initiative, organized by Victor Martin, consisted in interchange knowledge of the world of Social Media and Online Marketing according the kilos of food, whose destination was the social dining room “El Raval”.

When we think about communication, we imagine big enterprises with a big budget; we imagine newspapers and journalists; and we imagine an impossible access. But social networks have opened up a field in which social action becomes reality. What better way to communicate social action to society through social networks? Let’s look at three other successful examples.

  1. Bracelets against childhood cancer by Lucia Be:

Lucía, the founder of the company, created the solidarity bracelet “reasons to dance” to raise funds and collaborate in research against childhood cancer. 100% of the proceeds are used to finance a project of the Cris Foundation to establish a Research Unit of Hematology and Oncology at La Paz Hospital in Madrid.


  1. #EnTuPielRefugiado:

This project, carried out by Silvia of Cenas Adivina, Laura of Club de Malas Madres and Monica of the workshop Cosas Bonitas, born with the goal of helping refugees from Syria. They created a charity event that took place in Madrid. In this event, they organized talks about education and children and raised funds for the Spanish Committee for Assistance to Refugees (CEAR). In this case, the use of a hashtag was decisive for amplifying the message.


  1. Solidarity Auction of Two To Design:

Two to Design is an online decoration store founded by Patricia and Marta. Both decided to collaborate with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help children with serious illness. In this way, they carried out an online solidarity auction and the funds went entirely to the foundation. In the auction, Two to Design had the support of 25 more online brands that gave their products altruistically to collaborate.


We have chosen these four examples, but there are many more that can exemplify that social communication and networks can be a perfect match.


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