New technologies – new professions

social-media-managerHave you ever heard of the profession “social media manager”? We all know what social media are, since it’s been getting part of our life to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And we all have a notion of what a “manager” is. But the combination sounds strange. Well, here it is: a new profession, thanks to the development of the Internet. Good news, because graduates of communication science have an ideal profile, to fill in vacancies of social media management.

Social media are a very important tool for the external communication of companies. First, because it reaches everybody who is interested in the company. Second, because social media connects the company in an easy and fast way with its target group and third, because it is a cheap form of marketing.

Social media management is part of the PR management. As a social media manager, you are responsible for the corporate communication of your company via platforms just as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. While small companies use to externalize this service to PR agencies, big companies already have their own positions of social media managers in the department of corporate communication.

No, it is not only about surfing in Facebook all day long. As a social media manager, you represent the corporate image of your company in social communities and try to bind new clients to the brand. Before posting, you design campaigns and create strategies on how to increase the following rates. Then, to organize the content, you make a social media schedule for each week. It is important to find the balance between promotional, professional and informal posts. The posts are usually about:

  • New products.
  • Giving insights in the activities of the company.
  • Sharing contents which are related to the company.
  • Announcing own events of the company or events in which the company takes part.

Apart from posting, you are engaged to process customer requests and to promote the interaction of your followers. Sometimes the followers make unpleasant and negative comments on your posts. This could harm your company and requires an adequate reaction, to keep a good image. The interaction of the followers gives you direct and precious feedback on what to improve or which trends to follow. Therefore, social media management is also a kind of collection of information and a way of market research.

Curious about this job? Next week, we will inform you about the differences between the private and professional use of social media.


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